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Benjamin Nordsmark is an Artist and Cabinetmaker that by combining his education and skills with his creative mind he makes sculptural furniture in limited editions and a variation of different art pieces.


By education he is Cabinetmaker and has a Masters of Fine Art from the Royal Danish Academy of Art from 2011. He had decided upon these two educations from the age of 14.


By working in a variety of different places such as the Design Academy, Technical school and workshops in different parts of the world, he has built up a solid body of craftsmanship that seems to show no limit to his mind.


Most of his inspiration is found in other areas beside design: especially art, architecture and different cultures that all have a great influence on his creations.

His approach of making production pieces into unique items with a high sense of quality and strong eye for details, has changed remarkably over time.



Benjamin's vision:


His focus is to create objects with a strong visual appearance that impresses and makes people think and possibly even changes preconceived thoughts. 


With a strong passion he attempts to view things from another prospective, 

with new approaches and working methods that can challenge his craftsmanship to grow even further to make unique items.



Here is a nice video by about Benjamin Nordsmark :








Benjamin Nordsmark
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