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Materials  :  Pine wood and glue.


Dimensions :  Hight  80cm.  Seat  44cm.  Width  45cm.



For the organization named FSC that protects the forest against eradication I created a chair design as a proposal to get produced by them with certified wood from Honduras.


The whole idea behind this chair was to make it as simple as possible with few items so it would be easy for a basic woodworker to produce it and to minimalize the cost of the shipping.


Therefore I created an easy to assemble chair consisting of two sides with 16 similar pieces that fit into the sides that hold the whole chair together. To provide comfort I milled out tracks in each piece so it bends when sat upon.


Lastly, I created the seat at an angle of 5 degress forward that makes the seated person automatically straighten their back and prevents them from sliding down.






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