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Fuco Ueda

Materials :  Pine wood, accrylic paint, spraypaint and clear lack.


Dimensions :  

Hight  78cm.  Seat 47cm.  Width 46cm.



One out of four chairs this one was inspired by the japanese painter Fuco Ueda that have a interesting universe. She is always using japanese schoolgirls in her paintings, and they are often in very strange scenarious. The girls always have red knees and elbows and often wearingblue dresses. 


I was very inspired by her works and wanted to build a chair that captured her universe but with my own approach. Therefore I came up the idea to incorporate the girls' legs into a simple chair and try to make it look like the chair is alive.


I found a perfect chair with the right diminsions and then cut off its front legs. I then shaped some completely new legs with the shape of a thin girl. I also sanded the front of the seat so it look like folded dress and then painted all the details with acrylic paint.


- To have an idea of where I found my inspiration, please have a look on Fuco Uedas webpage :


Fuco Ueda
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