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Materials :  Steel, nylon, spray paint and lack.


Dimensions :  

Hight  80cm. Seat 45cm. Width 47cm.



As a perfect combination with a project using four artists as inspiration I was on a vacation to Barcelona in Spain, and there I had the chance to study the buildings created by Antoni Gaudi who was one of the artists I had selected.


The thing that really inspired me there was the church named La Sagrada Familia that has very special columns inside.

These columns had some really nice shapes that raised from the ground and split in several pieces to distribute the weight of the roof.


These columns inspired me to combined them into a chair, and after some sketching for ideas I just went down to the workshop and then just starting building up the chair from the ground.


I used 10mm. of steel sticks and found the right size and propotions for thereafter to weld smaller pieces of steel sheets to it.


I ended up with a chair with a very organic shape, strength and comfort even though the whole construction seem very fragile and thin. The chair creates some amazing shadows and because of the transparent seat the whole chair appear very light.



















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