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Materials : Laminated shell and legs, puzzlebricks and glue


Dimensions : Hight 76cm.  Seat 45cm.  Width 48cm.



During my Master's program I built six very different chairs where each one has its own shape and special material on the surface. On this one I thought it would be interesting to use old jigsaw puzzle pieces as a surface because it reminded me of my childhood when my older brother and I collected puzzles.


So I went to a secondhand shop and found nine boxes of puzzles and then mixed them all up in a plastic bag.


I was lucky to find a shell from an old chair and already had some legs I could attach to the body, and after attaching the three legs I sanded the chair with sharp edges so the puzzle pieces would connect nicely to each other 


When the whole body was finished I glued all the puzzle pieces by using a glue gun and ended up using between 2000 and 3000 pieces.



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