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Dimensions :   Hight : 81cm.   Seat : 47cm.  Width : 47cm.


Materials  :  Beech wood, spray paint and Enamel paint.



Some time ago I found an old dinning chair that were broken several places and I thought it would be a shame just to through it out. Therefore I decided to restore it by taken it apart and glue most of the connection parts again. 


Because of the shape and style of it I believe that it would be interesting to change it into an rocking chair, so I shaped some costume made runners for underneath it.


When the whole chair was finish I didn´t know exactly what to do with it, but after listening to the song ´Rock me Baby´ by Jimi Hendrix it all came to me. By painting it pink and write the title of the song on the seat it finally express its use and by the same time radiating some girly but also naughty signals.








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