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Materials :  Steel and Shiplack


Dimensions :  Hight  82cm.  Seat  47cm.  Width  74cm.



Rust is normally considered as something that is dirty and degradating and normally you would consider in the use of a chair. But for me rust is a very beautiful and interesting surface and I wanted to have this in a chair where I could mantain the right color and strenght.


I created a rough chair inspired by the construction on bridges by using thin steel sticks connected to each other in triangles to accomplish a strong chair with limited materials.


To create a comfortable seating for a human I shaped sheets and welded them to the main body of the chair.


When the chair was ready I tied a rope around it and dipped it down for two hours into the salty seawater in the harbour of Copenhagen.


The water really had a great effect on it and by leaving it outside for two months the surfaces changed completely: the rust was all over it. To maintain that rusty surface and the beautiful color of it, I covered over with two layers of a sealant.





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