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Cleavage Closet

Cleavage Closet

"As a reaction to the obsession of the perfect body ideals that we are constantly exposed to, especially through the media and in our social lives, I´ve have built the Cleavage Closet to provoke and create some attention to this subject.

These days there is a high expectation to young girls, to have the the perfect body which often includes big breasts. This could make some girls feel uncomfortable about their body and in some cases make them consider to have their breast enlarged with silicon implants.The closet is meant to appeal to the primitive side of the sexual attraction by tricking people into believing that there is a naked woman inside of the closet with big breast. But as soon as they open the doors they realize that it is just silicon implants covered with latex that are attached to a piece of wood.

As many other heterosexual men, I have often been attracted to girls with big breast but at the same time I find it important to appreciate the natural human form. Therefore I created the closet to illustrate the difference between seeing implants inside and outside of the body, and to show how strange it might feel to experience two implants in a different context by exposing the artificial materials"

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