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Materials : Steel sticks, welding and powder paint.


Dimensions : Hight 78cm.  Seat 32cm.  Width 50cm.



This chair was built in 2007 during a 10-week project at the Danish Designschool. The task we were given was to to create a comfortable chair and we were only allowed to use steel sticks with a thickness between 3mm. and 11mm. 


I wanted to challenge myself and try building a chair that felt soft and relaxing for the user even if it was made of steel, something that is usually considered a hard and cold material.


I came up with the idea to make square frames where the sticks are welded from each side without being attached to the other side. By this method the sticks can bend down and provide comfort to the person sitting down


The other really interesting thing about the pattern of the sticks is that it seems like they are hovering in the middle if you focus on them.



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